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     Learn how to Fuel Healthy Communities

Published monthly, we reach over 140 countries around the world!

Secure Supplies Energy Power Gas Magazine remains the only truly global publication for the industrial gas community and a growing community of gas users. 


Energy Power Gas Magazine  is read by engineering, business and application managers, country, regional and global managers, senior VPs and CEOs across the industry and it is the clear brand leader for the global business.


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What our readers have to say…

It is relieving to read a magazine like yours that proves it's still possible to green fuel our machines responsibly while enjoying my need for performance.

It is obvious that there is passion and purpose behind your writings.

Keith W. Kimms, Columbus, Ohio

Thank you for the most informative and enjoyable magazine ever printed.  I was only 15 years old in January 2015, and I still remember the wonderful articles in that first issue of your e Newsletter.

John Wilson, Clinton, Mo.

Energy Power Gas Magazine  represents  everything I believe in.

Now here we are, spreading the word  older and wiser, and I still believe your magazine represents the amazing technologies.

Judy Lawrence, Scoppoose, Ore.

I would just like to say thanks. I love this magazine and I feel inspired every time I get an issue. I read it from cover to cover and drive my wife crazy with plans and ideas.

Terry Longan, Bethel, Alaska

The magazine has changed our lives! You truly have made a difference in the way we see our world today, and more importantly, the way we see our tomorrow.

Karri Wilcox, Cross City, Fla.

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