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Secure supplies Media

The Benefits
Expand Your Brand’s Reach

Drive more sales and reward world-class publishers for successfully promoting your products/services.

Build your brand, generate leads and drive traffic with the world's largest, Power , Power,Gas and Power Audience


Power of Our Network

Collaboration with Secure Supplies Media significantly expands your audience and growth potential and enables your products far greater exposure to the right people interested in your region and your products or services. 

Energy Power Gas Magazine

The Circulation 

Currently Power,Gas and Power Circulation Coverage as of May 2019 is approximately 36500 Direct Subscribers.  80 % are USA based with remainder scatter across the world.


The world’s most influential, most authoritative Quarterly

Power,Gas and Energy Magazine


Largest circulation Monthly Power,gas and Energy E News Magazine.

National and International Editions available Quarterly . Frequency:  4x

Publish Dates.jpg

The Costs

Power,Gas & Energy Magazine

U.S.and International Rates 2019 to 2020


IS PER YEAR 4 Quarterly Issues



as Follows  


Sample Display Ad Sizes


Shown Below 

With Secure Supplies Media you ‘simply get more’ with your advertising dollar! Your advertising investment includes supportive editorial integration , social media distribution, and weekly newsletter exposure.

Size Example  970 x 250 Billboard.png

Size Example 

970 x 250 Billboard $245 Per Month

Banner 300 x 100.png

Size Example 

320 x 100 Mobile Leader board $75 Per month 

970 x100.png

Size Example 

970 x 90 Super Leader board $185 Per Month

300 x 250.png

Size Example 

300 x 250 Medium Rectangle (RMA) $100 Per Month

650 x 300.png

Size Example 

650 x 300 Horizontal Half Page $160 Per month

650 x 480.png

Size Example 

650 x 480 Full Page $390

970 x 550.png

Size Example 

970 x 550 Super Billboard $690 Per month 

300 x 600.png

Size Example 

300 x 600 Vertical Half Page $150 Per Month 

Just Magazine Only  Pricing 

4 Quarterly Issues  

Price paid 1 time for 4 issues per Year

as Follows 

To Order Simply Click Button

and enter you payment amount

or Email us 

Digital Only Advertising options

Full Time Presence + 12 E News

Issues per Year 

As Follows 

To Order Simply Click Button

and enter you payment amount

or Email us 

Secure Supplies Media 
as your publisher

Secure Supplies Media engages consumers through a variety of distribution models including Print Magazines ,Videos, Webcasts, White Papers, Directories, Websites, Social media, Search, Email, Mobile apps,

offline marketing and more.

We create in bound marketing for your company.

Secure Supplies Media
You as our Advertiser

You as our Advertiser want to sell products, services, and experiences. You employ us by advertising with us monthly to ensure your products get seen and used by the targeted clients.

Secure Supplies Media




Supplied media must conform to maintain industry standards: 72 dpi @ 100% RGB, jpg, gif, flash.

Secure Supplies Media offers ad design services.

Costs start @ $150 per ad size. Ask us for a quotation Email US Here.

Advertise on our Network

With Secure Supplies Media  you get more than ads with your investment!

Your marketing investment also includes supportive editorial integration, social media distribution, and weekly newsletter exposure.

Contact  our sales associates today!

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Sales Inquiries

Please Contact 

Mb + 1 520 848 1659

for sales inquiries,

including media kits,

Editorial calendars, e News letter schedules,

and other advertising information. 

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