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About The Kalsul Team

Kalsul is part of Secure Supplies Group. Kalsul is a primarily a agriculture chemical and minerals and machinery trading team. Though, under its distribution are Dap, Map, Urea, NPK, Def Fluid,Clinker and Several Industrial liquid and gas commodities like Chlorine, Soda Ash, Lime,Liquid Fertilizer and Bitumen.

Some of the Roles includes 

  • Mineral Expert

  • Blending Supervisor.

  • Assembly Supervisor.

  • Assistant Plant Manager.

  • Chief Manufacturing Executive.

  • Chief Quality Control Executive.

  • Civil Engineering Supervisor.

  • Controls Engineer.

  • Director of Quality Management.

  • Distribution Manager.

  • Logistic Head Officer 

  • Loader Plant Operator

  • Maritime Loading officer.

  • Sales Manager [CHEMICALS] 

  • Sales Manager {MINERALS]

  • Sales Manager [BLENDING AND BAGGING] 


Kalsul Team

Open Positions  

Main Team 


At this moment in time we have full staff in 

this department you can however still register

your interest in joining this team. 

For Current  openings specific detail 

Please Email

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