Paralleling Systems

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Robust Paralleling Equipment Controls for Fail-Safe Performance


Digital paralleling systems from Secure Supplies provide more functionality and robust controls than any other paralleling system available today. From digital control of generator startup, synchronization and no-break power transitions to sophisticated diagnostics, remote monitoring and network-ability,


Paralleling systems coordinate every aspect of the power system. In 10 seconds or less, Digital paralleling systems can synchronize all diesel generator sets with each other and the utility. Based on a true distributed logic concept, the system features paralleling controls mounted on the generator sets, low or medium voltage power sections and a digital master control for performing supervisory functions.

Unmatched Design and Performance Control

All controls are designed and manufactured on standardized control blocks for increased stability. As a result,  paralleling systems set the industry benchmark for performance, reliability and functionality.


And, because they use fewer components, our paralleling systems occupy 40 percent less space than traditional paralleling systems.

These modern  systems are installed in thousands of applications worldwide, including electric generation and distribution systems, industrial plants, data centers, commercial buildings, hospitals, wastewater treatment plants, transportation systems and pipeline stations.


Our advanced paralleling systems are one also Cost effective Add ins to Grow with scale over time with Secure Supplies. 

Ordering is Straight forward simply contact Secure Supplies with your requirements.


Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen,Airport,Sustainability,Genertaor, power,plant genset,sets,Europe,Germany, Paris,France,Norway,Sweden,Italy,Spain,

Literature - Paralleling Systems

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Spec Sheets - Paralleling Systems

Description                                                                                                                 Spec Sheet   Language

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SSA18 DMC 200/30  Digital  Controls                                                                                           S-1611 English

SSA19 DMC 1500 Paralleling System                                                                                           S-1641 English

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