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Aerospace & Aircraft

Used as a power source, hydrogen gas fuels rockets and powers life-support systems and computers in space environments. It is also used for metal sintering and annealing.

Heat Treating

Automotive & Transportation Equipment

As a heat treating furnace atmosphere, hydrogen reacts with oxygen to produce a bright finish on steel parts. It also makes an excellent industrial quench gas because of its high heat transfer properties. When used as an alternate fuel, hydrogen plays a key role in reducing undesirable emissions.


Heat Treating
Parts Manufacturing



Our hydrogen is used to propel everything from land speed record-breaking vehicles, to fuel cell powered passenger cars, buses and forklifts.

Hydrogen for Fuel Cells



Hydrogen is essential in today’s refining industry for upgrading heavy crude oils into refined fuels, and helping to meet increasingly tight transportation fuel specifications.

Refinery Gas Processing


Welding & Metal Fabrication

Used to enhance plasma welding and cutting operations, hydrogen gas is commonly mixed with argon for welding stainless steel.

Welding Processes

Explore other industries that use hydrogen.


Food & Beverage
Metal Production
Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

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