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Let’s Get Your Engine Clean.

Nano Bubble Water Fuel

 Most modern day direct injection engines are plagued  by cylinder fouling which reduces the volume of air into the intake chamber, reducing the efficiency of combustion process. 


Through a simple process we are now able to guarantee the following with our


  • Effects are immediate

  • Revitalizes entire inlet system, cylinder head

  • Smoother, more powerful delivery of performance

  • Lower emissions and quieter engine

  • Less vibrations

  • Restored lost power

  • Potential fuel saving

  • Enhanced driving experience

  • Smoother engine

  • Restored torque

  • Puts the fun back into driving!

  • Improved Fuel and Air Flow Efficiency.

How does the Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning Process work?

We pump Nano Bubble Carbon Cleaning gases from our Stanley A  Meyer Carbon Cleaning machine/station into the air intake duct.


By activating a timer, we have the ability to choose the duration of the cleaning process, which varies according to the contamination level of the vehicle.


Nano Bubble Gas is characterized by a high reactivity.


The engine cleaning  effect of hydrogen triggers carbon removal, essentially a chemical reaction that serves to remove, lift off, and eliminate carbon deposits.

The Nano Bubble Carbon Cleaning  process basically does three things to remove carbon deposits


1.       Chemical bonding of hydrogen and carbon is loosened by the Action of the Nano Bubble Carbon Cleaning process and machine weakening deposited material from cluttering up your engines airflows and fuel performance.

2.       The additional gases of Nano Bubble hydrogen and oxygen under combustion (tempered by inert nitrogen in the normal air) helps dissolve encapsulate and clean out  the deposits.


 Note that the Nano Bubble Gas mix burns which is tempered by numerous factors such as pressure, the gas mix, flow patterns and nitrogen content.

3.       The steam generated by the hydrogen/oxygen combination (Nano Bubble Gases) produces a molecular cleaning effect to clean deposits

Nano Bubble Carbon Cleaning  Main Office

Secure Supplies Group 

Phone: + 1520 848 1659


2900 E Broadway Blvd 100/ 182 Tucson Arizona. 85716 USA

Locations We Serve

Tucson Az

Spokane, Wa

Koh Phuket, Thailand

Tokyo, Japan

Stockholm, Sweden


 Jaipur , India

Cape Town, South Africa 

Dubai, UAE

Kuala Lumper Malaysia

Panama City , Panama


We have our dealer network growing fast

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