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We’re very proud to have factories that are awarded the Sustainable Certificates with us as a Professional Approach. We’d like to thank all of our customers who have supported the process. We hope to keep up the good work to further certifications in the coming years as well.



We happily accepted the Satisfaction Guaranteed award in June 20, 2020 and our amazing staff has been working extra hard to try to win it again this year. If you think we deserve winning it again, please give us a shout out. We’d really appreciate your support and kind words. Check out more accolades we’ve been fortunate enough to win since first opening our business.

Small Bits of Plastic


Receiving the certification with our partners, reminds us of the main reason we decided to go into this industry. We also provide Phone Support 24/7 after working with some of the most renowned clients in the industry. We can assure you that we will keep working hard to achieve greatness and supply all of our customers with the best possible services and products.

Recycled Plastic

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