STEP 2 S2 

Storage and Distribution Systems

250 bar, 500 bar, 900 bar in sizes 400 kg   800 kg   1500 Kg   

Step 2  S2 Product Choice is where Secure Supplies Scales up the  Step 1 and adds more Production Storage and Distribution Systems to a 2nd acre of land  and re configures first acre lay outs.

Secure Supplies partnered and agreed  with a Major Carbon Fiber Hydrogen Tank Producer.  This Company has workshops in USA and Thailand are major in the transport of gas to EU and USA Safety and Pressure Standards. 

One of the only companies licensed for 500 bar on the road.

We all at  Secure Supplies believe this tank producer choice is the best for projects designed by Secure Supplies.

Ordering is Straight forward simply contact Secure Supplies with your required tank  and pressure sizes and indicate gas purity you are using.

S2 Filler towers.png

Secure Supplies provides you with 

a Needs Analysis and Design Development.


  • Gas Production Diagram Design

  • Flow Rate Design,

  • Water Purification Design

  • Pressure Design

  • Purification System Design 

  • Cooling system Design

  • Gas Drying Design 

  • Safety System Design 

  • Monitoring Design 

  • Operation and Maintenance Planning


To order your electrolyzers for your projects Please Contact 

Daniel Donatelli 


Secure Supplies 

Whatsapp + 66 83 6378 3443 

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