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Generator Power Plant Remote Monitoring Systems

Remote monitoring systems,


Visibility to power system performance is easily expanded to anyone

– whether in the facility or off-site – through the intuitive user interfaces.

Remote monitoring equipment provides a convenient means of remotely monitoring and controlling generator sets, transfer switches, sensors and output controls.

Remote monitoring system users can monitor generator set data, such as annunciator, alternator and engine data, as well as transfer switch data, such as source, load and switch connection status.


Expandable I/O modules can provide additional monitoring and controlling capabilities.

 Cloud - Remote Monitoring System

 Cloud  is a robust and reliable remote monitoring system that provides information and send notifications to ensure your generator is available when you need it.

 Cloud brings together a flexible remote monitoring system, cloud-based data storage and transfer, and convenient, 24/7 access to your backup emergency power generator sets through easily accessible through mobile app and web browser. With  Cloud , you can rest assured your emergency backup power will be operation-ready when you need it, and your data is available whenever, wherever, thanks to our leading-edge cloud services.

With it, you’ll have the peace of mind that your data and operations are safe and private on a trusted, secure platform.



Title                                                                                           Language           Document Type

 Cloud  Remote Monitoring System                                          English                   Brochure

 Cloud  Remote Monitoring System                                          English                 Spec Sheet

 Cloud  Remote Monitoring System Video                                English                      Video

Ordering is Straight forward simply contact Secure Supplies with your requirements.

 Remote Monitoring System


The Remote Monitoring System series provides a convenient means to monitoring and controlling generator sets, transfer switches, sensors and output controls. Users can access the remote monitoring equipment that is installed onsite from any PC or Mac computer; no additional software is required. Multiple users can monitor the power system equipment simultaneously.



Title                                                                                                                                              Language  Document Type

Series Remote Monitoring System Brochure                                                                           English       Brochure

Community 911 Case History                                                                                                     English      Case History

Series - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)                                                                              English           FAQ

Remote Monitoring System Specification Sheet                                                                      English          Spec Sheet

Remote Monitoring System Hoja de Especificaciones - Español S-1642-SP_LA                 Spanish         Spec Sheet

Remote Monitoring System Folha de Dados - Portugues S-1642-PT_BRPortuguese - Latin American  Spec Sheet

Remote Monitoring System Fiche Technique - Français S-1642-FR                                     French          Spec Sheet

Remote Monitoring System Specification Sheet 规格表 - Chinese S-1642-CH                  Mandarin        Spec Sheet

Remote Monitoring System Video                                                                                             English              Video

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