Nitrogen Gaseous and Liquid Pure  

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Cylinders & Liquid Containers

For smaller, more specialized applications, we offer nitrogen in high-pressure gas cylinders or liquid nitrogen dewars in a variety of sizes.

Bulk & Microbulk Delivery

Our bulk gas and liquid delivery systems offer a full range of purities and nitrogen tank sizes, for your supply needs. We also offer Microbulk gas delivery as an alternative to cylinders.


Our pipeline supply systems offer flexibility, economy and extraordinarily reliable supply for customers who consume very large volumes of nitrogen gas each day.

On-Site Production

If you require very large volumes of high-purity liquid nitrogen or nitrogen gas our on-site cryogenic air separation plants are a viable supply source for you. Praxair non-cryogenic nitrogen plants offer a range of product purities, 90% and higher, over a wide range of volumes. Our plants are efficient, reliable and cost-effective at any required pressure and purity level.

Mobile Nitrogen Pumping Service

Our fleet of mobile nitrogen pump trucks and tube trailers deliver a continuous, dedicated supply of 99.9+% pure nitrogen at a wide range of temperatures, pressures and flow rates.

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Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen,Airport,Sustainability,rsa,South,Africa

Nitrogen is a key cryogenic agent in cooling, chilling and food freezing. It also plays an essential role in reducing spoilage, discoloration and off–flavors of baked goods, while giving strength to retail packaging.

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

Nitrogen is used to prevent oxidation of the metal during the 3-D printing process. Nitrogen has the advantage of being lower cost than other alternatives and is suitable for processing less reactive materials. Nitrogen can also be used as part of recycle loop for more expensive gases such as argon or helium.

Aerospace & Aircraft

Essential to the aerospace & aircraft industry, nitrogen is used in high Reynolds number wind tunnels, heat treating furnaces and autoclaves to help create incredibly strong but lightweight materials. Nitrogen is also used as an assist gas for laser cutting applications.

Autoclave Inerting
Heat Treating


Automotive & Transportation

Assembly plants, tier 1s and tier 2s use nitrogen in combination with other welding gases to weld auto parts, frames, mufflers and other components because of its ability to provide the necessary atmosphere needed to produce adequate welds with any material. It’s also an important safety component in airbags.

Heat Treating
Parts Manufacturing



Used as a pressurizing gas, nitrogen can help propel liquids through pipelines. It is also used to shield oxygen-sensitive materials from the air and to remove volatile organic chemicals from process streams.


Nitrogen Stripping & Recovery
Reactor Cooling
VOC Treatment & Recovery


As an inert industrial gas, nitrogen is used as a blanketing agent to separate sensitive products and processes from air. It is also used as a purging agent in piping and equipment to prevent contamination.

Nitrogen Stripping & Recovery

VOC Treatment & Recovery

Food & Beverage

Nitrogen is a key cryogenic agent in cooling, chilling and food freezing. Because of its extremely cold temperatures, immersion freezing in liquid nitrogen is the fastest freezing method known for producing Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) foods. Nitrogen also plays a key role in reducing spoilage, discoloration and off–flavors, giving strength to retail packaging.

Freezing & Chilling
Flour & Dough Cooling
Meat Mixing
Modified Atmosphere Packaging


Nitrogen NF is used as a cryogen to freeze and preserve blood, tissue, and other biological specimens, and to freeze and destroy diseased tissue in cryosurgery and dermatology. It is also used to power medical devices.

Medical Laboratory
Minimally Invasive Cryotherapy
Tissue Transport & Blood Platelet Preservation

Metal Production

A carrier and purge gas in steel production, nitrogen is used to prevent oxidation and is a key component in the heat-treating process.

Heat Treating

Oil and Gas

The oil and natural gas industry utilizes nitrogen to increase reservoir reserves and fracture hydrocarbon-bearing formations to significantly increase the production of oil and gas, and to improve operating efficiency.

Enhanced Oil Recovery
Well Hydraulic Fracturing

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Gaseous nitrogen is commonly used for purging, pressure transferring, mixing and blanketing — protecting a process from moisture intrusion, oxidation, degradation and contamination. Cryogenic liquid nitrogen is used to control the temperature in reactor cooling applications and to preserve biological samples.

Reactor Cooling
Nucleation on Demand
VOC Treatment & Recovery


An industrial gas used to blanket storage tanks and purge pipelines, nitrogen can also strip Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from chemical process streams and wastewater, and reduce VOC emissions.

VOC Treatment & Recovery

Welding and Metal Fabrication

In stainless steel tube welding, nitrogen is used as a purge gas. It is also used as an assist gas for laser cutting, and enhances plasma cutting.

Cutting Processes
Welding Processes


Explore other industries that use this gas.


Nitrogen  / Carbon Dioixde Use


Industrial Bakerys


Freezing & Chilling

In-line system crust freezes your baked goods prior to packaging to preserve the unique look and taste of your product. Cryogenic freezers feature ultra performance tunnels and spirals to reduce their footprint in your factory and are designed not only for maximum production but with enhanced sanitation features that make them easier and faster to clean.

Flour & Dough Cooling

Flour cooling is one of the most effective means of regulating dough temperature. Unique in-line flour cooling system that utilizes the precision of cryogenic cooling by adding carbon dioxide or nitrogen to flour or other dry ingredients as they are conveyed to the mixer.

CO2 Snowing

Removing heat with carbon dioxide snow is an economical, precise way to cool your baked products at any point in the production process. Snow dispensing devices are available in a wide range of sizes and types, and can stream CO2 snow from any orientation. Plus, the snow particles are much more consistent and uniform, delivering highly effective snow cooling.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Product returns or rejection due to staling or loss of original taste and quality can severely hamper your production. Extend the shelf life of your bakery and snack products to keep costs low and customer satisfaction high.

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