Health and Safety


When it comes to health and safety practices, we have clearly documented systems in place and are committed to exceeding regulatory and legislative requirements folowing  ( ISO 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems).

We take employee safety seriously, and have numerous integrated procedures in place to ensure all staff members comply with our rigorous health and safety practices. We believe that it is the duty of employees to challenge unsafe work practices and environments, and we support this philosophy with a continuing awareness program. Both management and staff are involved in the development, implementation and review of policies and procedures, in order to identify hazards and control risks.


Risk Management


The Risk Management Plan assists Secure Supplies and its employees and contractors to meet their duty of care in regard to safety and health at the workplace.

The Risk Management plans also assist in demonstrating compliance with legal and contractual responsibilities. In other words - this Risk Management plan describes, illustrates, and documents how


Secure Supplies Group will manage its safety and health management process and ultimately produce a safe working environment for its employees, contractors and visitors. The main features of this management plan are that it:

  • Can be easily understood and applied.

  • Ensures the participation in the development of procedures by people who work in the areas where the procedure would be used through a consultative approach. 

  • Would be sustainable, maintainable and practical - a living system.

  • Draws on existing industry knowledge, standards, and guidelines. Benchmarks best practice.

  • Complies with provisions of relevant Acts and Regulations.

  • Can demonstrate auditable processes for system development, implementation and review.          


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