Hydrogen Dispenser Forecourt H2 Car 
Truck Bus Fuel Cell Vehicle Forklift  Filler

Hydrogen Dispenser Forecourt H2 Car  Truck Bus Fuel Cell Vehicle Forklift  Filler

50 BAR, 100 BAR, 200 BAR, 350 BAR, 450 BAR, 700 BAR

Hydrogen dispensers and hydrogen fueling stations developed for filling hydrogen,vehicles, forklifts,Vans, trucks, buses, boats, bikes,motorcycles, tractors.

Hydrogen Dispenser Forecourt H2 Car  Truck Bus Fuel Cell Vehicle Forklift  Filler

The Secure Supplies and deploys hydrogen fueling station to support you in 

dispensing hydrogen into your personal or public hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.


We deploy and operate fast hydrogen fueling stations with safety and reliable in mind.

Our aim is to accompany you in delivering zero emission vehicles.



  • 50 BAR 

  • 100 BAR 

  • 200 BAR 

  • 350 BAR 

  • 450 BAR

  • 700 BAR

Our Hydrogen fueling station offer

  • Price: Between $180,000 to $240,000.

  • Price can go higher for complex hydrogen fueling station with cooling systems.

  • Types: Passive valve station or active booster station hydrogen fueling station.

  • Proven record: Installed in many locations around the world

  • Maintenance: 5 year operations & maintenance contracts available.

  • Monitoring: Hydrogen fueling station remote monitoring available as optional.

  • Installation: Packaged for easy installation.

  • Quality assurance: CE marked.

Other standards also available on demand and optional.

  • Contact us on Whatapp +66 83 647 3443 for more information.

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Hydrogen Dispenser Forecourt H2 Car  Truck Bus Fuel Cell Vehicle Forklift  Filler

If you have fleet of vehicles, buses, forklifts, tractors, motorbikes or you have a hydrogen internal combustion engine converted vehicle, you need a hydrogen fueling station (also called a Hydrogen Dispenser). At the Secure Supplies we supply different types of hydrogen fueling stations with different output pressures.

We have dual and single hose hydrogen fueling stations with varying output delivery flow depending on the application such as buses (say 20kg a mn and higher if need be). The pressure we can operate are up to 700 bars. We offer a standard 350 bar hydrogen fueling station as well as a 200 bar option. 

Secure Supplies has designed and built many hydrogen fueling stations.


These hydrogen dispensers are able to fuel 700 bar (70 MPa) fuel cell vehicles and comply with the recognized SAE J2606 fueling protocols. We can supply communication based hydrogen fueling with -40˚C pre-cooling to maximize safety.

We have an optional containerized assembly for transport and shipment ease to allow you relocating your fueling station. Our offer also include a modular solution, where further hydrogen fueling stations can be added as and when the project need.

Some hydrogen fueling station features

  • Maximum working pressure 700bar

  • Hose outlet mounted on the top of the cabinet to minimizing hose wear, but can be relocated depending on applications

  • Hydrogen fueling station control system with temperature compensation, to control filling pressure & sequencing valves

  • Available in cascading or dispensing mode hydrogen fueling pressures, including heat of compression compensation

  • Electronic computer for sale, volume, and unit price if required

  • Inlet valves are pneumatically actuated (design may change and varie based on the application)

  • Valves are spring loaded to close if power is removed from dispenser

  • Communication protocols are available for remote monitoring requirements.

  • Note any new design will be charged.

If you have any specific requirements for a Hydrogen Fueling Station, please do not hesitate to contact us with your query. Click here and enter your needs.

We also supply CNG Refueling Station and other forms of Re fuelers.