Air to Water Units 5000 gal per hr 

To solve that dilemma, Secure Supplies has developed a portable water generator, which extracts water from the air by sucking it in and cooling it down, much like an air conditioner,

except are a lot more efficient. by way of advanced motor design. 

We bring the water in the air to the dew point and recycle the cold air so we can reuse it to cool the water even more.


Called the Atmospheric Water Generation Unit, the generator-powered device can produce up to 450 gallons of clean water a day for as little as eight cents a gallon.


(It needs about 310 watt-hours of energy to make a liter — just over a quart — of drinking water.)

Available in either ground or vehicle configurations, the units are no lightweights, weighing in at about 1100 and 175 pounds, respectively.


Prices start at $18,000 for the Gen-40 vehicle model and $30,000 for the larger,

Gen-350 ground unit   We Can Supply Up to 5000 gal per hr Pictured Below.


Ordering is Straight forward simply contact Secure Supplies with your gallon or litre per hour requirement and we will offer. 


Secure Supplies provides you with 

a Needs Analysis and Design Development.


  • Purification Design

  • Tank Design

  • Flow Rate Design,

  • Pressure Design

  • Fill Rate System Design 

  • Cooling system Design

  • Compressor Design

  • Safety System Design 

  • Monitoring Design 

  • Operation and Maintenance Planning


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Air to Water Atmospheric Generator Machines Plant Equipment 

  •  SS1 Water Production: 10 Gallons           PDF

  •   ( 37.85Liters)  per day                                                                                                           $3,195

  •  SS2 Water Production:  40 Gallon          PDF

  • (151 Liters) per day                                                                                                                   $8,599

  •  SS3 Upright  Water Production:             PDF 

  • 40 Gallon  (151 Liters) per day                                                                                               $8,599

  •  SS10  Upright  Water Production:             PDF 

  • 125 Gallon  (246 Liters) per da                                                                                                     $28,080

  •  SS25  Upright  Water Production:             PDF 

  • 375Gallon  (1419Liters) per day                                                                                                 $68,900

  •  SS50  Upright  Water Production:             PDF 

  • 800 Gallon  (3028 Liters) per day                                                                                             $110,565

  •  SS80  Upright  Water Production:             PDF 

  • 1300 Gallon  (4931 Liters) per day                                                                                         $168,480

  •  SS100  Upright  Water Production:             PDF 

  • 1800 Gallon  6814 Liters) per day                                                                                           $219,375

air,2,ro,water,h2o,condensor,2800,Gallon,10,599 ,Liters,per,day
  •  SS160  Upright  Water Production:             PDF 

  • 2800 Gallon  10,599 Liters) per day                                                                                          $345,735

  •  SS1000  Truck  Water Production:       PDF 

  • 10,000 Gallon  (37,854 Liters) per day                                                                               $1,390,000

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