Our Mission

Secure Supplies RSA  is committed to being a trusted and valued Energy Storage partner providing unswerving, unwavering high quality and reliable power to gas engineered solutions to our clients with in

the South Africa 

Our Vision

Secure Supplies RSA is an industry leader in designing and developing engineered solutions for our clients.

This sanctions the progress of developing world-class products for the market. Our passion for continuous improvement across the group and warrants the execution of every task with personal and corporate integrity, environmental responsibility and zero emissions.

Our Core Principles and Values

Our dedicated team at Secure Supplies RSA are guided by our core principles and values.

We pledge to: 

  • Be loyal to the business and the green hydrogen and renewable power & gas products we represent 

  • Be honest with ourselves and within all business activities

  • Be transparent in our work ethics 

  • Ensure that the quality of all products and service is maintained and we, at all times, strive for improvement

  • Apply our experience, ingenuity, and intelligence to create sustainable solutions for the growing market.

  • Recognize that our clients have trusted us with their assets.

  • Be a positive asset to the environment.

  • Create a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Deliver effective, robust solutions that suit and serve our clients’ needs and values.


Our Company History

Secure Supplies Group started as Secure Supplies Hong Kong  in 2011 by founder Daniel Donatelli , focused on trading chemical prills of ammonia and N46 nitrogen based chemicals. After succeeding in developing and further discovering several new technologies for gas blending and handling to adjust burn rates. Daniel joined with Teams in the USA, to start promoting the unique hydrogen energy storage equipment and engine fueling technologies. Daniel provided and designed a end to end prime power Mw class energy storage solution. A solution which provides utility grade grid power secure back up. The design uses state of the art, Nasa specification technologies which by design are extremely reliant and have several redundancy back ups built in. 

This allowed Daniel to release proprietary fueling technologies to  USA made H2 engines builders and precision machine shops to over alot of the traditional losses in ice engines when run on lean fuels. The group than started investing in jv with USA made electrolyzer manufacturers , joined with USA made gas engineering ,USA made Carbon Fibre Tanks and  other USA engineering partners.  The Secure Supplies team able to further produce the worlds best End to End MW Class Prime Power Energy storage system.

A World Class Solution which  includes green hydrogen fueled generators or water pumps either onsite or as regional peaker plants. Proudly all American made 5 MW to 40 MW. The focus is turning spinning reserve to a New ROI stream and Over coming stranded power and congested grids whilst securing the renewables to scale up to over 45% levels of grid power provision securely and safely using carbon free green h2 fueled engines in replace of diesels or gas turbines as the security blanket for the community renewable power farms.

To embrace a wider scope of global benefit and use of our green products to suit the global renewable market place. Secure Supplies Group  formed in Strategic partnerships the new susidory franchises of Secure Supplies Mexico , Secure Supply Energy Storage India, Secure Supplies RSA ( South Africa) Secure Supplies USA Secure Supplies Europe and Secure Supplies Asean (SE Asia).

Secure Supplies Group has moved  to enter the Fuel Cell Gas Supply (Green Hydrogen Gas) supply markets, along with the industrial Oxygen and Nitrogen supply markets.

Opening our gas distribution business in multiple markets in 2017.

This was achieved by  further partnering with a leading medical grade gas equipment manufacturer in Italy to manufacture and supply gaseous and liquid Oxygen Nitrogen and Hydrogen to distribute to our industrial client bases and retailers in each country.

Company growth in developing energy storage projects and growing the repeat business both on h2 fueled power plant engines  and industrial gas distribution has allowed the group to expand the global presence steadily and will continue firmly into the future.

Whilst the team constantly improves the hydrogen driven products side of the business, further developments in gas blending Daniel has pioneered are allowing us to grow into gas handling opportunities with a focus on green hydrogen gas and green multi gas power generation plant provision for remote power sites, mining, ports, water treatment plants and power security critical ,commercial power generation applications.

The teams vision of renewable energy for conservation and efficiency & profitability is leading  the group to train communities in  “gas handling” focused divisions under the banner of Secure Supplies Group and within each country's franchise brand and team names.  Such as "Secure Supply USA "," Secure Supply India ", "Secure Supplies RSA" ,"Secure Supplies Europe",Secure Supplies Mexico" and "Secure Supplies Asean"  each is partnering with local communities , universities , governments and private sector to open and secure the green gas and power path ways .

Growing requests for power and gas equipment rental is on the rise  and consequently the rental , leasing division of the group company is being planned and formed in each case to handle engine rental and tank rentals to facilitate support for clients to switch to green gas use faster at their facilities.

As the group of businesses continues to develop, a need for a larger premises in several countries is required.

In early 2017, a move to open in India under Secure Supply Energy Storage India was completed allowing a strong expansion of team skills and ability to "Make in India" under the Secure Supplies Brand.

14,000m2 of manufacturing and warehouse is being reviewed in New Delhi and Gujarat  to allow all franchise companies to assemble for our multinational producers under one roof.

'With all divisions expanding to a global market foot print and working closer together." 

A Decision to establish Secure Supplies Dubai was completed in mid 2017. This enables Secure Supplies group to consolidate all businesses under the one name for seamless multi country investment , growth and integrated service and delivery expansion globally to one standard.'

Secure Supplies Group & Secure Supply USA continue to support the industries ,we serve by leading a focused and dedicated team of experienced engineers , leading vendor partners and professional project managers, fitters, commissioning and service operation technicians.

Looking for more? Find out more about our leadership team here at Secure Supplies Group.

Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen ,RSA,South,Africa

Willem Coetzee                                                                                

Secure Supplies RSA - CEO

Hydrogen Architectural Design Development Deploying Projects
For Zero-Carbon emissions 100% Green MW Solar / Wind / Hydroelectric H2 Gas Energy Storage

Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen ,RSA,South,Africa

Daniel Donatelli                                                                                      

Secure Supplies Group -Founder

Studied at Mawson Technical College Australia

Began working in the Asean region on Nitrogen and Chemical Packaging Projects.

From there moved formed Secure Supplies Group to focus on Hydrogen Survey Design and Developments. Established Franchises in Several Countries around the world ,a Major in International Business.


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